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Tower Grove Park

Located at 4257 Northeast Dr, St. Louis, MO 63110, Tower Grove Park is one of the city’s most beloved public parks. This beautiful wooded Victorian park features lush meadows and vibrant flowers, providing a welcome escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. The park is a great place for seniors to walk and enjoy company. There are benches for resting outdoors, as well as shaded areas for eating and relaxing.

One of the top things to do in St. Louis is check out the Laumeier Sculpture Park, where you can view artworks and other pieces in space. There are also tons of fun activities to enjoy in St. Louis, including theme parks, candy shops, and other attractions. There are things to do both day and night, and the city offers something for everyone. If you’re planning a family trip, the city has everything you need to plan the perfect getaway.

If you’re traveling with children, you might want to visit the Magic House. This whimsical place features Victorian architecture and mystical gardens, as well as a whimsical world full of fun. Whether you’re a kid at heart or a history buff, there’s something for everyone at Tower Grove Park St. Louis MO. No matter what your age, you’ll be amazed at the museum’s mission. See More Information

For those of you with kids, there’s a variety of places to visit. You can go to Blueberry Hill, a restaurant/music venue where you can see legendary musicians. The legendary Chuck Berry played here until his eighties! You can also visit the Tivoli Theatre, which opened before sound was introduced to movies. The Pageant Concert Hall is another great place for young minds. It’s not every day that you visit St. Louis.

If you’re a history buff, you may want to visit Midtown, which is close to the University of Saint Louis. If you’re budget-conscious and want to visit historic sites, then go for Forest Park or Tower Grove Park. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy the outdoors, Tower Grove Park is a better choice. And if you’re traveling with kids, you may want to check out Broadway Oyster Bar for live music. Refer to This Page

The Gateway Arch is 630 feet high and is one of the largest man-made monuments in the western hemisphere. Designed by architect Robert Moses Wanamaker, the arch was completed in 1967 and is an iconic symbol of the city. It was named a US National Park in 2018 and is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There’s an elevator that can take you up to the observation deck for a panoramic view of the city.

Another place to visit in Tower Grove Park is the Old Courthouse. This historic building dates back to the 1800s, and is the site of the notorious Virginia Minor’s arrest in 1872. Throughout the ages, the courthouse has witnessed hundreds of freedom battles. Today, visitors can see art displays and learn more about the history of the city and the United States. You can also enjoy the gazebo overlooking the city from the bleachers.