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Saint Louis Zoo

When visiting St. Louis, Missouri, you may want to take the family to the Saint Louis Zoo. It is located at 1 Government Dr, St. Louis, MO 63110. This zoo is one of the city’s top attractions, with over 12,000 animals. Families will appreciate its many educational programs, including one dedicated to conservation. During your visit, you may learn how to take care of wildlife and the environment, and even take part in educational activities like animal rescue. For even more educational fun, check out the Saint Louis Science Center, which offers interactive exhibits, a musical Tesla coil, and a giant UFO maze. After an enjoyable day at the Zoo, grab a bite at Broadway Oyster Bar, where live music and ambiance are the perfect combination.

Visitors will find hundreds of species of animals at the Saint Louis Zoo, which is located in the former Flight Cage of the World’s Fair. The zoo also has animatronic dinosaurs and massive aviaries. Despite its popularity, the Saint Louis Zoo is renowned for its conservation work, and its guests can find several dining options, souvenir shops, and picnic areas. Families who want to get away from the crowds can visit nearby Lone Elk Park, which offers an entirely different experience. This zoo offers a free admission, although some attractions require a small fee, such as the carousel or the Wild Lights event. This article

Aside from the Zoo, the city is also home to several museums and historic buildings. If you’re traveling with children, a trip to St. Louis should definitely include a visit to the City Museum. It is a funky museum with giant chutes, a praying mantis, and a fun sense of design. The St. Louis Zoo is a great destination for the entire family, so plan ahead to make the most of your time here. Next blog post

Before you arrive at the Saint Louis Zoo, consider bringing your camera. You will want to take a photo of each animal, as well as of each other. The best photographers will capture these shots in their lenses. In addition to the Zoo, you can explore Cahokia Mounds, which are large earthen mounds. The Cahokia people inhabited the area for centuries until the early 1600s, and their society was highly advanced, with agriculture and trade being the basis of their economy.

Another great option is to visit the Saint Louis Children’s Museum. This museum is housed in a large Victorian mansion in the suburb of Kirkwood, MO. Visitors will find exhibits focused on different topics, including animals, weather, skyscrapers, and even space. Guests can even participate in free science experiments and live demonstrations. The Magic House is one of the city’s top attractions, so be sure to plan a visit.

You can also tour the city’s history by visiting the Old Courthouse, a Victorian-style building that was home to the Campbell family for eight decades. The museum is an incredible piece of Missouri history, and is fun to explore. You can also explore the famous Grant’s Farm, home of Ragtime legend Scott Joplin. The city also boasts many historic locations, including Bellefontaine Cemetery, which is a home to countless St. Louis residents.